im grace, and im back i guess.

Whenever I upload a photo, I always try to have the photographer. As an amateur photographer myself, I know how painstaking and time-consuming a process it is, and it’s always right to give credit where credit is due. Here’s a master list to view pictures by their photographer that i’m attempting to keep up with and compile. 

chris burkard

morgan maassen

matthew o’brien

jeremiah klein

aaron checkwood

jeff flindt

brent bielmann

brian bielmann

zak noyle

dj strunz

chris wilson

jimmy wilson (jimmicane)

matt lusk

daniel pullen

patrick ruddy

adam wise

quincy dein

paul greene

russell ord

billy watts

trevor murphy

mickey mccarthy

tim mckenna

matt kurvin


john salanoa


chris grant

peter dive

hayden smith


duncan macfarlane

corey wilson